A social action & support group for Black womyn, transwomen, femmes, Gender Non-conforming & Non-binary folks

We practice Community Organizing (Collective Work and Responsibility) through Self-Determination & Divestment Projects. For instance, one of our projects centers Divesting from Capitalism through Time-Banking. Our first piece of our unofficial launch is our Collective's Cooperative Time-banking taking place this spring. Next, we'll do a Grand-opening for part II which is the Community-wide Cooperative Time-Banking  hopefully later on this year. 

To participate in the soft-launch of our Time-bank Co-op, apply here:


More Cooperative Economics projects we're working on is our Co-op Housing, which we expect to circumvent homelessness on for some of our members. 

Currently, we're seeking to secure office space and long(er)-term organizing space. We've been utilizing the space of various community partners since our inception, but we'd love to finally have a headquarters of our own. 

We also to a variety of Community Education workshops, teach-ins, presentations and panels to help raise the collective community consciousness.