Black & Brown Workers Collective

Our mission is to actively challenge, resist and dismantle systems of oppression that adversely impact the Black and Brown worker. Thus, we push for the social and economic liberation of the Black and Brown worker. 

​​RHedI is a social justice firm that believes in the power of transformation. We work with individuals, departments, and organizations to help them realize their goals of equity, justice, and transformation. RHedI, LLC is a speciality firm working through the lens of intersectionality with a focus on Queer and Trans People of Color.

Meet the creator Sheltreese McCoy.  She is a QTPOC strategist and educator who takes pride in helping organizations reach their goals. Sheltreese has facilitated training's and workshops in the United States as well as Canada and South America. She has received training from some of the best social justice organizations in including the American Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U), Center for Third World Organizing (CTWO), the Social Justice Training Institute (SJTI), and the Midwest Academy. All of Sheltreese’s work stems from an intersectional praxis and centers justice and equity.

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We are Black Queer Ruffneck Constructivist Femme-inist Scholars, bucking the paradigm of respectability politics. We are everything that white supremacy is not. We are the de-centered narrative, the voices screaming from the margins.
We are the (re) definition of Black Excellence.

We have many more community partners and comrades in liberation that we're working on getting added to this list & links to their work presented more efficiently for this page, so stay tuned...

A social action & support group for Black womyn, transwomen, femmes, Gender Non-conforming & Non-binary folks