A social action & support group for Black womyn, transwomen, femmes, Gender Non-conforming & Non-binary folks

The differentiation...

Intersectional feminism is still working from the notion of mainstream feminism as central with "select" contributions from Women of Color feminists or as simply an extension of feminism to include intersectionality.

Womanism does not start with or centralize Mainstream Feminism experiences. Our conversation doesn't start with them and then become some shallow off-shoot of incorporating marginalized voices/experiences after the fact. We are not fighting for a seat at their table, we have our own...

Womanism is the inherent and intentional centralization of black women's experiences and our community's liberation which inevitably leads to the liberation of us all.
It is developing our own language that defines our expieriences like Misogynoir and Becky-ism.
It afrocentricizes experiences of all black people whether it be the afropunk kids, Gender Non-Conforming/Non-Binanry folks or Black Trans* Lives Matter. If you are for the liberation and advancement of ALL Black people, you are a Womanist.

Without community, there is no liberation.”  ― Audre Lorde

We collect around Womanism, Black Feminism & the collective liberation and  empowerment for women of African-descent through community organizing, strategic philanthropy and intentional self-care practice.

​We are an unapologetically uncompromising space for us. We use Black Feminist Theory & Freire Pedagogy to inform our Womanism Practice through what our community looks like, how our community functions & who our community serves.

It’s no secret that the instances of depression, anxiety, suicide, illness & murders have been prevalent among Black women for quite some time due to the stress of living with the intersecting identities of being both Black and woman in a society created for specifically for cisgender White men. Despite these odds (i.e. racism, transmisogyny, misogynoir, homophobia, wage gaps, etc.), we have continued achieving record numbers of success in employment (but still with lower wages and continued susceptibility to poverty),entrepreneurship and academia. What this tells us is that along with our increasing success and unrelenting societal stressors, there is a growing need for support necessary to sustain us and give us room to thrive as humans, black women, mothers, spouses, employees, CEOs, breadwinners, activists, caregivers, backbones, matriarchs, etc. Our collective tries to fill those gaps in support outside of religious institutions, family and other spaces when they simply are not enough or don’t have the capacity to help holistically.

Our current methods to addressing these issues are to provide these Black women with community in a way that does not ignore the very real impact the Systems of Oppression have on our psyches and daily lives. We address these issues in a way that empowers and rejuvenates our whole being internally with our self-care models and externally with connections from women with similar struggles. Events we create or attend are community forums, conferences, workshops, trainings, self-care retreats, movies nights, travel events, book clubs, mentorship opportunities, rallies/resistance marches, creative writing circles, game nights and much more.

What is Womanism?

"Womanism is to Feminism as Purple is to Lavender."

-Alice Walker

Womanism is Black Liberation. Womanism is Self-determination. Womanism is Black Feminist Theory in action. Womanism is Intersectionality. Womanism approaches Black liberation from a space of decolonizing our communities and dismantling the Systems that oppress us. Those systems being 'Imperialist White Supremacist Capitalist CisHeteroPatriarchy' and all of it's subsequent agents such as Respectability Politics, Desirability Politics, Disposability Politics, Anti-Blackness, Homophobia, Biphobia, Trans*phobia, etc.