Join The Womanist Working Collective’s latest Social and Solidarity Economy project: 2Ubuntu: Reciprocity Time Bank, an Afrofuturist Virtual Community Market launching in Philadelphia, PA. 2Ubuntu (read: To Ubuntu) references our intentional self-determined efforts towards Ecological Justice models and away from Oppression and Violence.

The Ubuntu African philosophy motto “I am because we are'' reminds us that our interdependence and reciprocal relationships build strong mutual aid networks both with or without an immediate crisis. Our service-exchange system is designed to mobilize our existing community resources, address the Time Poverty we may experience and offer an anti-Capitalist economic model for all Black folx to transition into. 2Ubuntu Time Bank provides a platform to request the support you may need or can offer to other members. If you’ve provided support to another member, you can then bank the time you’ve spent or exchange it right away.

Each Tuesday this July, we’ll be hosting weekly in-person and virtual trainings to orient new members on the platform and answer all related questions. Following Tuesday Tech Support days, we’re hosting weekly Afterhours Garden Mixers each Friday for members to connect in-person and outdoors before engaging online. Fridays are also where we’ll be facilitating interactive community engagement activities like Skills & Talents Discovery Mapping and Community Resource Scavenger Hunts. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming training or community engagement day.

As it stands now, it is important that we decline membership of White/Caucasian people or those Settler-Colonial descent until the 2Ubuntu Community has had an opportunity to vote on the matter. We welcome Black, Indigenous and People of Color to attend an upcoming training/orientation and community engagement event before applying for membership.
If you need childcare, elder care or translation assistance to make this space more accessible for you, please contact us as early as possible: (267)606-0992

What this most recent pandemic has helped many people see is that Capitalism is collapsing around us and we are all ill-prepared to sustain ourselves and communities in general. And then to add systemic racism, rapid-gentrification via displacement and grocery store closings in food deserts to the mix, the conversation gets a lot more complicated.

We need to strengthen the alternative systems of Social & Solidarity Economies for people to transition into as we divest/escape/are pushed out of this toxic system that is Capitalism. Time Banking is one of those alternatives as it does not reinforce Capitalist values, practices nor exchange money. Time is the currency exchanged in time banking and our biggest focus now is transferring Time Wealth and Resources from people with excess amounts of time and resources to those who are experiencing Time Poverty/those without access to enough time and resources. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many time exchanges we witnessed taking place in our larger networks were helping elderly and disabled folx disinfect their homes regularly, getting groceries or supplies delivered, sourcing essential home goods to make DIY-sanitizer in bulk or Elderberry syrup for immune-boosting benefits,  temporarily rehoming pets, kids or elders with extended family and neighborhood networks. Our communities found ways to mobilize and redistribute during a public health crisis. There are many possibilities when we operate in a system that values everyone, especially care workers and relationships are prioritized as an essential part of surviving this together. This alternative  taps into the abundance of human resources to meet people's needs and promotes well-being for all of our communities.

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Time Banking Herstory

Reciprocity: A Time Banking Project of The Womanist Working Collective

 In 2017, a vote had been made by members for our initial time bank to limit participation to Black women and femmes that were either members of our collective or somehow connected to our networks. This was (1) for safety reason since people publish their addresses on there and exchange childcare and (2) because a large part of time banking is about relationship-building so folx who attended our community events or volunteered with us would have a an opportunity to get acquainted with each other in-person so connecting online was more organic. This worked great for that level of the project and we’d like to maintain the sanctity of that space. However, there is a greater need now more than ever to connect folx in our larger community to the resources mobilizing in their neighborhoods. So we are launching a separate time bank in Philadelphia for those in need now and to grow it post-pandemic to be cemented as a vital community resource institution. 

On July 16, 2020 (Asssata Shakur's 73rd Birthday), we did the soft launch of our Reciprocity Community Time Bank site. It got confusing trying to launch a new project with the old brand, so by our July 1, 2021 hard launch date, we had undergone more re-branding as the 2Ubuntu: Reciprocity Time Bank! The rest is herstory in the making...

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