Black Liberation Therapy Scholarship

Womanist Working Collective prioritizes self-care (individually/internally & community care/externally) as a vital part in community building and alleviating trauma-induced mental health issues like depression, anxiety, isolation, etc. that may be caused by experiencing many intersecting oppressions and compounding traumas. We intentionally center a Healing Justice framework, Pleasure Activism practices, and Trauma-Informed Care Practice in our work, to acknowledge the very real impact external forces have on our lives, livelihoods, and quality of life.

The Black Liberation Therapy Fund was created in 2020 to provide financial assistance to Black womxn of trans and cis experience, femmes, and/or non-binary people to increase access to mental health and wellness support. The Fund is designed to provide financial support in recognition of the fact that we are often shut out of or hesitant to access care due to financial barriers. 

The Black Liberation Therapy Fund provides a one-time grant of up to $500 towards sessions with a wellness provider, such as a therapist, psychiatrist, natural or holistic healer, life coach, spiritual counselor, or doula. 

In order to apply, you will need to:

  • Be a Black womxn of trans or cis experience, femme, and/or non-binary person

  • Live in the United States

  • Have or find a wellness provider who agrees to receive funds on your behalf through the Fund. 

  • Require financial assistance to pay for wellness services.

  • Can reasonably afford to sustain services/sessions after grant funds have been exhausted.

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