Threading Body into World: A Poetry Reading

LOCATION: Leonard Pearlstein Gallery3401 Filbert St, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

How can poems clarify and fortify our visions for liberation, our practices of solidarity, and who we are to each other? Join us in exploring the transformative possibilities of queering and mothering strategies in a poetics that emerges from, and affirms, the racialized body. This event will have performances by Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Cheryl Boyce-Taylor, and Raquel Salas Rivera, and is hosted by Cynthia Dewi Oka. EVENT IS FREE. POETS' BOOKS WILL BE ON SALE. ++++ ALEXIS PAULINE GUMBS is a community cherished author and scholar in Durham, NC. Alexis is the author of the forthcoming book M Archive: After the End of the World(Duke University Press, 2018) and the acclaimed Spill: Scenes of Black Feminist Fugitivity (Duke University Press, 2016). She is also co-editor of the best-selling anthology Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines (PM Press, 2016). CHERYL BOYCE-TAYLOR is a poet and workshop facilitator. The recipient of the 2015 Barnes and Noble Writers For Writers Award, she is the founder and curator of Calypso Muse and the Glitter Pomegranate Performance Series. She is the author of three collections of poetry: Raw Air, Night When Moon Follows, and Convincing the Body. Her fourth book Arrival, is forthcoming from Northwestern University Press in June 2017. RAQUEL SALAS RIVERA is a Puerto Rican poet, translator, essayist, and educator living and working in Philadelphia. They have published poetry, translations, and essays in numerous anthologies and journals, as well as four poetry books: Caneca de anhelos turbios (2011), oropel/tinsel (2016), huequitos/holies (2016) and tierra intermintente (2017). In 2018, Timeless, Infinite Light will publish their fifth book, lo terciario/the tertiary. CYNTHIA DEWI OKA (Host) is a poet and community organizer. A two-time Pushcart Prize Nominee, she is the author of Salvage: Poems (forthcoming in 2017 from Northwestern University Press) and Nomad of Salt and Hard Water (Thread Makes Blanket, 2016). After the 2016 election, she created Sanctuary: A Migrant Poetry workshop for immigrant poets in Philadelphia with the support of a Leeway Foundation Art and Change Grant.