Upcoming Quarterly Membership Retreat: Saturday, March 17

WWC members are strongly encouraged to attend our next scheduled membership retreat where we will be unveiling our latest strategic plan, voting on crucial content and receiving trainings. We're feeding you and providing childcare, but do let us know if you plan to bring your kids and their ages, so we may plan accordingly (267-606-0992). People who are not yet members, but wish to be should attend this retreat too. There will be an orientation for you to attend.

Please Note: Securing closed spaces ensures that we will not have to navigate White Supremacy or Patriarchy in our sanctuary spaces so please respect our needs. As such, WWC membership is exclusively for Black women/womyn, trans women, girls, Gender Non-Conforming or Non-binary femmes. If these aren't any of the identities you hold, your allyship/accomplicing can best be used by following us on social media and staying tuned for our open-to-the-public events or for invitations to get involved.

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