Redistributing Resources for Gender Justice

Looking to donate to us? Consider making a donation to Bread & Roses Community Fund's Gender Justice Project on behalf of The Womanist Working Collective, by visiting the donation page, selecting Giving Project member "LaTierra Piphus". We're helping raising funds to redirect resources to groups who address advance justice for women, transgender people, and gender non-conforming people in the Philadelphia region. Click here!

WWC chose to participate in this Giving Circles project because it ties into our own gender-related work. Specifically, we use a Womanist Theory Framework which integrates the intersections of gender, race, class and all other forms of oppression when developing a comprehensive analysis of what Gender Equity looks like. One definition of Gender Equity that our collective likes to use is from Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women and Sport and Physical Activity “Gender Equity is the process of allocating resources, programs and decision-making fairly to both males and females. This requires ensuring that everyone has access to a full range of opportunities to achieve the social, psychological and physical benefits that come from participating and leading in sport and physical activity. It does not necessarily mean making the same programs and facilities available to both males and females. Gender equity requires that girls and women be provided with a full range of activity and program choices that meet their needs, interests and experiences. Therefore, some activities may be the same as those offered to boys and men, some may be altered, and some may be altogether different.” While we operate in a much larger context than the competitive sports world, we share their sentiments in share their sentiments when thinking not just leveling the playing, but giving women and femmes access to the very things they've been denied or under-resourced in.

For many Black women and femmes of our collective, Gender Equity forces the conversation to address the Racial and Class Equity that must take place before Gender Equality can ever be seriously considered. The systematic oppression, routine societal microaggressions and intra-community violence we experience because of our real or perceived gender identities looks different for us because of our racialized identities, class status, National identities, educational backgrounds, cycles of generational poverty or wealth and a number of other identity markers which determine the Quality of Life or lack thereof we experience. Our idea of Gender Justice must begin with Gender Equity.