Womynism Sacred Circle (A 1-day sexual healing retreat)

Womynism Sacred Circle presents Centering Ourselves in the Journey towards Sexual Healing & Sexual Liberation (A 1-day Sexual Healing Retreat) ----------------------------------------------------

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Womynism Sacred Circle is a community event, one-day sexual healing retreat facilitated by sex therapists, sex educators and other healers designed to support the sexuality and genderqueer Black, Indigenous, and of Color womyn & femmes (BIWFOC) in the pursuit of emotional well-being, sexual healing, and sexual liberation. This sacred healing space was created to assist Black, Indigenous, and of Color womyn & femmes in reclaiming our narrative over the sex-negative messages we learned regarding intimacy, sexuality, sexual pleasure, attraction, relationships, personhood, gender expression and gender performance and trauma. With healing arts & activities with strategies like mindfulness, meditation, story-telling, movement, breath, and energy work to support their sexual healing and sexual liberation, the Circle moves to fill us, to love us and to nurture us. Womynism Sacred Circle was created to provide a safer space to center, nurture & affirm our emotional well-being, sexual healing and sexual liberation. The Circle stresses the importance of our emotional and sexual well-being. To ensure the intimacy of the event and limited spacing, registration is required. Refreshments and simple lunch will be provided. Vegetarian options will be included. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our team of healers & sexuality freedom fighters included: Dr. Zelaika Hepworth-Clarke, M.Ed. LMSW, Ph.D Dr. Z is an African-centered social worker and cultural and clinical sexologist that empowers her clients by affirming the importance of a sexual pleasure and gender diversity. Dr. Clarke conducted decolonizing research in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, which focused on exploring Ọ̀ṣunality, an African-centered, sex-positive, post-colonial paradigm that affirms diversity in sensuality, sexual pleasure and eroticism. Sexologist Jeanae Hopgood-Jones, MFT, M.Ed., Ph.D(c) Jeanae is a trained couple(s) and family therapist, co-host of the sexuality podcast "SeXxed” on Periscope and Sexpert contributor to on the sexuality app, Juicebox. She is a Doctoral Candidate in the program for Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University and is currently working on her dissertation. Sexologist Lena Queen, M.Ed., LCSW Queen is a private practice sex therapist, intersectional trauma-informed psychotherapist and, kink-aware poly-supportive life coach specializing in non-monogamy, anxiety, depression, PTSD, sexual trauma, healing, and liberation, in addition to, sexuality and gender development. Queen is currently a PhD student in the program for Human Sexuality Studies at Widener University, and the curator of Womynism and Womynism Sacred Circle.