Healing Centered Organizing Intensive Weekend

Hello community, We're writing to invite you and your team to an upcoming Healing Centered organizing weekend during the first weekend of October. We're being intentional about who were offering seats to as we hope that this training will help transform the way Black activist in Philly operate. That is, moving from burnout to well-nourished & interdependent cohesion. By promoting our holistic well-being, we move the conversation forward from simply ensuring our safety and survival to securing and co-creating optimal conditions for us all to thrive. This individual and collective wellness inevitably extends to our surrounding larger Black communities/community spaces. The ability to thrive, model Black Liberation and access all the resources we need seems to be a few common themes underlying all of our organization's work but of course with this comes a lot challenges we didn’t quite anticipate which require a certain set of skills we all may need to hone a bit more. We know we’re not the only group working through organizing and leadership development challenges. We also know that many of us are looking to move into a deeper and more deliberate way of being with ourselves and each other in order to strengthen our strategies. What we’re learning is that there should be a greater emphasis on intentional radical healing work in all of our radical organizing spaces which prioritize our members/volunteers/our people who dedicate their blood, sweat, tears and life force to these causes. So, these are areas we are all working through, or will be at some point, whether we’re new to organizing, or have been struggling for years to locate deeper and more sustainable grassroots networks of support and transformation. We at The Womanist Working Collective believe we’ve found an answer to question of how to grow through these challenges together and we want to share it with you and your team. So we’re bringing in our comrades from Chocolate Soul Revival to facilitate this healing centered organizing training for our Black activist communities in hopes that these tools can have a far-reaching impact and raise the vibration of this city. This team of Black women artists, healers, activists, and cultural workers from North Carolina who all exist at the intersection of multiple marginalized identities will guide us through a number of topics and offer tools to take back to our people. During this training we’ll be learning so many useful tools, such as: Working through Grief, Apathy & Activism Fatigue Trauma Informed Organizing Transformative Communication Generative Conflict Resolution Deconstructing Capitalism from the inside out Shifting Group Culture from burnout to well nourished & from isolation to interdependent cohesion Creative Collaboration to share & mobilize resources This could benefit not just your members/volunteers/staff, but spill over into how you engage with the communities with whom you work. So, would you join us at this training? All you’d need to do is RSVP and block off those dates on your calendar. This training is being provided for free to individuals and organizations, however if after this event you feel like you’ve gotten something out of it, please donate to either Chocolate Soul Revival or The Womanist Working Collective directly. No pressure, the important things is that you are in the room with us. RSVP: https://goo.gl/forms/L9y4HS3xQ2IBlGMl2 Notes October 5-7 (Friday evening) Saturday and Sunday (all day) At least 1 person in your organization must commit to attending all 3 days This training is free, but donations are welcome Space has ramps and elevators Transportation assistance will be available, street parking available Childcare will be provided, but please note that you’ll need it during registration Meals are provided, please note dietary restrictions during registration Thank you, The Womanist Working Collective