A Womanist At Work: Nana Catherine's Apothecary by Desiree Thompson

WWC members are developing amazing projects and placemaking spaces throughout the city and we love to show them off!

Our member Desiree has recently launched the official website for her ongoing work at Nana Catherine's Apothecary.

Nana Catherine’s Apothecary (NCA) is an experiment in self discovery, connecting to the Earth and the ancestors, and valuing the gifts of human connection as resource. It’s my personal practice of learning and knowing myself. It is honoring that knowledge as a bridge to support my community in doing the same. In my studio, you will come to find that:

  • you can access your internal power;

  • you are your own healer;

  • your gifts can be lifted from your trauma.

NCA is community-based, centered, and honored. Here, I hope to nurture an alternative economy--where money is just one of many currencies you can use to receive help.

To then, give help.

My model is built around the concept that we all have wisdom that is valuable, must be shared, and that is integral in helping us understand that there is no separation between us.

I do this safely and honestly, with respect to personal boundaries, the external power imbalances that exist in our physical and emotional environments, and an appreciation for the invisible world.

I specialize in energy work, herbal medicine, and finding and making one of a kind pieces for body and home. My practice is trans-affirming, anti-racist, queer inclusive and counter-capitalist.

At this time, due to stairs, my studio space is not accessible. However, I can travel to your home or space if mobility is a concern (same price as in-studio sessions). I welcome this opportunity, so please, please, reach out!