A Womanist At Work: Sexuality & POC by Janielle B.

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The Sex Exchange are events for people to safely explore the complex subject of sexuality through shame free, pleasure centered conversations.

This event's theme is Sexuality & People Of Color! A open conversation and interactive panel exploring the intersection of race and sexuality. We'll delve into the importance of sexual expression, challenging the barriers that keep us from living authentically, and making steps toward sexual liberation.

The first 40 people will receive a free gift from überlube & Unbound! There will be prizes, giveaways, raffles, and demonstrations. Music provided by DJ Love!


Panel Discussion: In a discussion led by Janielle Bryan, we'll hear different perspectives from the panelist on how they're using their platform to normalize sexual pleasure and empowerment as liberation.

Audience Participation: This is much more than just listening to the panelist's perspectives. Through interactive games & activities the audience becomes part of the show as well! Participants will be able to share what they've learned on their own personal journeys.

Mixing & Mingling: After all the fun, participants will have a chance to shop vendors, speak with the panelists, & take part in demonstrations.


Kevin A. Patterson


Fame Noel

Jessa Jordan

Neha Ghosh

Check out all the panelists' full bios Here

Please note: By attending the event you are allowing us to record and share content of you from the event. This material will used on our website, social media, and for future promotional use.

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