Be Intentional: A Vision Board Party

Intentional Living for Black Liberation What is your vision for yourself in 2019? Let's talk about the experiences that filled us with gratitude throughout this year that can be cultivated in the year to come. Remove the shame associated with not achieving all the goals we set out for ourselves this pass year, showing grace to ourselves for surviving despite the constant trauma inducing state we live in and recognize and honor the resilient spirit within us that brought us through another year. Let us use this time to laugh, cry, hold space and share; envisioning the life that we are meant to live, using the tools that are already within us. It's time to release 2018 and create 2019. Boards, glue and other supplies will be provided. Some magazines will be available, but please bring any meaningful images you think are necessary. Light refreshments will be served and childcare is available. To register visit: