Rescheduled: First Tribe Meeting of 2019!

Hey folks, Our next Tribe Meeting will take place in a few weeks. The Tribe is our collective's core governing and organizing body. They work alongside our co-organizers to lead, direct and influence our work. This is different from the general monthly meetings which we sometimes hold when there is enough consistent general member participation. While our Tribe Meeting are specifically for Tribe Members, we are always transparent about our organizational work and discussions so any general member can attend if they are interest. How do people become general members? By identifying as a Black woman/womyn/womxn, femme or GNC/Non-binary person and joining our Meetup group. If you are on our Meetup page and can read this message then you are a general member. You have responsibilities to uphold in this role to hold active membership and those are listed below. How do general members become Tribe members? By declaring they’d like to be considered for Tribe membership to the Co-organizer(s)/Coordinators, then by consistently fulfilling the Roles & Responsibilities (stated below) of the General Members as an indication of their commitment and capacity. Once the inquiring member has spent time successfully fulfilling their roles as a general member, the Tribe can welcome them in to Tribe Membership in which then they will have to fulfill the new roles and responsibilities for the group like all the other members. Roles & Responsibilities of General Members: General members must complete 4 hours per season/quarter (winter, spring, summer or fall). Including at least 1 meeting/2 hours at a meeting. This entails time, sweat equity, connections/networks, skill-shares, sharing events & projects, intentional communication with other members, recruitment, social media marketing, tabling/outreach, etc. If they don’t complete those hours then we will need to have a check-in. The Grace Period for member's re-engagement is 1 season/quarter; hours are to be recorded via the time bank. If you are not already in our Time Bank then go through the online orientation and sign-up: