Altar-Making Workshop @ Replenish: A Black Joy Healing Space

Join us as we close out International Womxnist Hxstory Month and post-Mercury Retrograde Phase with setting the intention to (re)ground ourselves using Altar Work. This workshop is a primer on Altar Work foundations which you would be able to build upon with an Ancestral Altar or Deity Altar practice in the future. However, this event is framed for a non-denominational audience, which can be utilized by folks who are non-spiritual, heavily spiritual or religious. We will be assembling our own Intention Altars with the materials provided by facilitators, but feel free to bring anything that you already have like crystals or candles that are already significant to you. To make your altar even more impactful, bring something meaningful that represents you such as a photo of yourself or something else to add (optional).

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Note: Ordinarily our monthly Replenish: Black Joy Healing Spaces are intentionally free of charge to keep this work accessible, but this month due to the cost of our venue space, workshop materials and having to paying our childcare worker, we will be charging a small amount to off-set these expenses. If this amount is still a hinderance to your attendance, please reach out to us and we can try to work with what you can afford. Email us at Your Contribution to The Space: Please bring along a dish, beverage for potluck or Collective Altar-offering to share. Childcare will be provided, but you must RSVP for this accommodation (call/text: 267-606-0992 or email: Location has ramps and a low-step to access the workshop space. This is not a scent-free space. This is an intentionally Black-centered Space.