Phenomenal Everywhere- Audiobook Release Paaaaarty

Want to see the world through the eyes of a Black woman?

Phenomenal Everywhere- Audiobook Release Paaaaarty!

An afternoon of International Inspirational, Global Goodness and Phenomenality.

Phenomenal Everywhere written by Lacey C. Clark! is an autobiographical tale about a spunky brown American girl from North Philadelphia, named Phenomenal, who finds her voice through the ups and downs throughout the travels of eight countries and five continents. The Phenomenal Everywhere story does something unprecedented and unique today: it features the perspective of an African American women on global travel, despair, self-love, self-acceptance, healing, gratitude, and hope.

The one woman theater show rocked three continents with sold out performances and rave reviews. It is now an audiobook with 20 additional minutes of exclusive content.

Phenomenal Everywhere Audiobook Release Party Features:

  • Live performance with scenes from the show

  • Q and A with the artist

  • Lite fare

  • Audiobook digital download card (the audiobook to download to computer)

  • Audiobook signing

  • International Vendors

Not just a performer, Lacey C. Clark! is the CEO of Sisters’ Sanctuary and a Founder’s Scholar with a B.F.A. from New York University. She is the author of Celebrate HER Now! and Phenomenally U. She has worked with the likes of Dr. Maya Angelou, Spike Lee, Jill Scott, Dr. Sonia Sanchez, and many other notable figures. A true traveler, Clark! has been traversing and living around the globe for over 20-years now, with five continents to her name.

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