Reciprocity Time Bank Orientation Webinars

In light of recent events, we're offering 2 time bank orientation webinars to get Black women and femmes participating in our mutual aid and resource redistribution platform. Since we are prioritizing member's safety, we welcome people who can primarily give and receive remote/virtual services and support. This means that you do not need to be based in Philadelphia like our current members as long as you can give and receive virtual support.

Webinar Times:

  1. Monday, March 16 at 12pm - 2pm CST/1pm - 3pm EST

  2. Tuesday, March 17 at 5pm - 7pm CST/6pm - 8pm EST

This webinar will take place via Google Hangouts here:

Orientation Objectives: -identify How Reciprocity Time Bank Can Help You Access Immediate Community Support -map Your Local Assets To Mobilize Resources Today -discover How Solidarity Economies Can Increase Our People's Power Post-pandemic

Learn more about time banking here: This webinar will take place via Google Hangouts here: Questions? or 267-606-0992

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