Endeavoring to Wellness

We are delighted to share that our long-time member Okichie Davis has launched their private therapy practice in Philadelphia, PA.

"My passion has always lay in helping others to find and become their best and most authentic selves. Much of my adult life has centered on exploring how I might create space for true, trauma-informed, and sustainable community for marginalized persons, including creating space for Black women and girls, queer and LGBTQ+ persons, and people of color within the kink/fetish community. To this end, I have helped to facilitate local town halls in response to intra-community harm, created safer spaces for Black people to find support in the wake of anti-Black terrorist violence, and volunteered as an emotional support worker within my various communities. In 2018, I began to conceive of Endeavoring Wellness as a way to further express my commitment to others." -Okichie Davis

Learn more about their practice at: https://e2wellness.com/