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Greetings Deep Space Mind Visitors and Inhabitants: We at DSM.215 are still here, and we want to build with you now more than ever. The limits of both the psychiatric and medical industrial complexes and their relationship to capitalism are currently painfully clear. For many of us these realities are nothing new, however we who have lived through medical and institutional nightmares before have a lot to offer the world at this moment. We at Deep Space Mind would like to work towards the creation of an alternative wellness system, one that can function in times when the formal healthcare system is inaccessible, confusing or dangerous. The ideal system, in our opinion would be one run by people with the most experience and wisdom on the subject of staying well; grounded in the wisdom of those who are considered mad, ill, who have struggled to find stability in emotional or physical health, or who have walked with their communities and families through trauma or violence. We have two projects launching this month that we hope will get us closer to that goal: The #DSM215Network, a community wellness initiative, and the DSM.215: A Living Experience. The DSM.215 Network is a new collective platform for healing justice groups and practitioners who use their lived, local experience to build resilience and wellness in their communities.

The DSM.215 Network will host monthly free therapeutic groups, wellness activities, and community building virtually, for now, and IRL later, provided by members of the network. We want to increase access to needed wellness services and social connection for folks in philly most impacted by COVID-19, especially those with existing physical and mental health challenges. We hope the DSM.215 network can also support the work of local healers, community workers, and artists who have lost wages during this pandemic.

We invite local healers committed to wellness that centers healing and disability justice to contribute workshops, leadership, articles, groups, and media to the DSM.215 network. Contributors will be compensated. Deep Space Mind.215 will also continue community development of a Philly-grown mental health tool that celebrates the wisdom and power of people who experience madness + neurodiversity + trauma. This digital and print publication will be Philly's answer to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-5). The DSM-5 is used by the psychiatric system to diagnose people with disorders.

Our alternative, the DSM.215, will be a collection of community grown tools and technologies that are being used right now to keep our communities well.

Watch your community build the DSM. 215 in real time. Accepted work will be featured on our online multi-media portal, A Living Experience. A print publication and exhibit will follow at a later date. Compensation provided.

Submit blueprints, safety plans, workshop proposals, essays, coping skills, movement, toolkits, poetry, art, music, interviews and other work at bit.ly/dsm215call THIS MONTH'S ACTIVITIES--check out our calendar HERE for updates. We Came To Work: Healing Justice Strategy and Organizing: Calling all healing and health workers and practitioners experiencing mental health challenges, gather to collect ideas to address current and anticipated need in our immediate and wider Philadelphia communities. Tuesday, May 13th 4:30-6pm Body Is a Monument Peer Support Group: A group for people with mental health challenges to support each other and ourselves so that we can do the same for our community. This month's group will focus on our experience with our bodies in our current context. Sunday, May 17⋅12:30 – 2:00pm

The #DSM215 Network Presents: The Starfruit Project: The Starfruit Project hosts a writing group focusing on resiliency and solidarity, Thursday, May 28th

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