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Our Co-organize of Self-care Okichie Davis, has been featured in today's Inquirer article:

"Needed: More Black LGBTQ therapists:

Okichie Davis, a Philadelphia therapist who works with queer people of color, has found that Black transgender people experience all of the same mental-health challenges that the general population faces. But “the difference is that [Black LGBTQ+ folks] are marginalized for our gender identity and sexuality, which makes it difficult for us to manage those challenges,” said Davis, who identifies as a queer Black woman.Transgender people deal with higher levels of housing and food insecurity, violence, difficulties accessing affordable, affirming health care, Davis noted. “All of these barriers serve to exacerbate any symptoms that already exist, and compounds the severity of the mental-health challenges that folks deal with. When people are making the choice between paying for food, medicine, or keeping the lights on, therapy gets bumped,” Davis said."

They've been accepting donations for their Scholarship Program earlier this year to counsel many of the Black women & femmes in our community. Due to compounding daily trauma of COVID-19 & the recent attacks on protests she is seeing a spike in folx needing support, but don't have money for anything other than basic survival needs (food, shelter, etc.).

Please donate to cover therapy sessions for those who can't afford it.


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