Katie G. Cannon Summer Archival Fellowship

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Who was Ancestor Katie G. Cannon? She was a powerful Womanist Theologist, becoming the first Black woman to be ordained into the United Presbyterian USA denomination in 1974. She took her career, community’s liberation and expansion of the Womanist Theology narrative seriously. She authored such masterpieces as of Black Womanist Ethics (1988), Katie’s Cannon: Womanism and the Soul of the Black Community (1995), and Teaching Preaching: Isaac R. Clark and Black Sacred Rhetoric (2002). As well as edited other works including The Oxford Handbook of African American Theology (2011). As the African Proverb goes “when an old man dies, a library burns to the ground”. The passing of our Ancestor Katie in 2018 was a reminder of the importance of properly documenting the work of Black women & femmes, much as she had done in her writings throughout her lifetime, to leave behind evidence that we were here. That we were working. This fellowship is dedicated to this particular Womanist Foremother in honor of her ability to leave roadmaps to guide us forward.

How you’ll do it? (HER)STORICIZING: Connect our work and praxis to those of our ancestors (i.e. Black Radical Traditions, Black Feminist Theory, Critical Race Theory, Queer & Trans Liberation, etc.)

SPIRITUAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Understanding that "The dichotomy between the spiritual and the political is false" (Audre Lorde), identify the spiritual practices throughout our resistance work

ART CREATING: Turn the gathered information into something artistically captivating. All artistic mediums welcome.

ARCHIVING: Literal archiving 2015 - 2020 Using interdisciplinary methods of archiving Gather our herstory for future generations

CULTURAL PRESERVATION: Preserve our Afro-Diasporic culture & artifacts - Maintain records to preserve institutional* memory: *Communities of Practice as vital institutions

STORYTELLING: Writing from A Liberatory Lens - The Art of Prose: Using a Womanist Praxis lens to help us articulate our journey

EPISTEMOLOGY: Sensemaking for Black public consumption

When will this happen? TIMELINE (approximate): [3 weeks/30 Hours] Identifying what tools to use Gather all the content/information

[3 weeks/30 Hours] Making sense of the information Archiving

[3 weeks/30 Hours] Archiving Art-creating

What else should I know? WORKSPACE: Basecamp for Task tracking, Google Drive for Storage, CultureWorks for office-work

COMMUNICATIONS: Calls, texts, emails & check-ins via video chat biweekly

COMPENSATION: Delivered through EFT platforms (Paypal, CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, etc)