Announcing the 2Ubuntu: Reciprocity Time Bank! (Launching summer 2021)

2Ubuntu: Reciprocity Time Bank is the second iteration of the Reciprocity Time Bank. This time bank is in the roll-out re-opening phase and we're seeking community partners with resources to offer via timebanking. Interested in contacted when membership opens this summer? Sign-up: Click Here

What this most recent pandemic has helped many people see is that Capitalism is collapsing around us and we are all ill-prepared to sustain ourselves and communities in general. And then to add systemic racism, rapid-gentrification via displacement and grocery store closings in food deserts to the mix, the conversation gets a lot more complicated.

We need to strengthen the alternative systems of Social & Solidarity Economies for people to transition into as we divest/escape/are pushed out of this toxic system that is Capitalism. Time Banking is one of those alternatives as it does not reinforce Capitalist values, practices nor exchange money. Time is the currency exchanged in time banking and our biggest focus now is transferring Time Wealth and Resources from people with excess amounts of time and resources to those who are experiencing Time Poverty/those without access to enough time and resources.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many time exchanges we witnessed taking place in our larger networks were helping elderly and disabled folx disinfect their homes regularly, getting groceries or supplies delivered, sourcing essential home goods to make DIY-sanitizer in bulk or Elderberry syrup for immune-boosting benefits, temporarily rehoming pets, kids or elders with extended family and neighborhood networks. Our communities found ways to mobilize and redistribute during a public health crisis. There are many possibilities when we operate in a system that values everyone, especially care workers and relationships are prioritized as an essential part of surviving this together. This alternative taps into the abundance of human resources to meet people's needs and promotes well-being for all of our communities.

Time Bank updates will be featured on our social media