The Next Phase of Replenish: Black Joy Healing Space

Many thanks to Stephanie Perry of Vaycarious for her Community Sponsorship support and fundraising for this project. So far we've raised over $1600 and our goal is $15K to offer funding support for the development of more spaces like this.

Thank you all who have shown interest in Replenish: Black Joy Healing Spaces latest cultural production piece: Malea Fabeaux's Revolutionary Healers Sanctuary

Fortunately, this space has just been filled, but I still want to help people connect to other sabbatical opportunities since some homeowners have reaching out to me for help figuring out how to turn their spare rooms into a Black Joy Healing Space. I'll be populating the directory map on this website I've created for this project to keep us all connected. Please add your contact info to the list for me to notify when new locations are added.

If you'd like to donate or promote this fundraiser, visit the campaign page:


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P.S. Updates will be posted on the Replenish media pages: