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We're in the very early stages of getting our worker-owned co-op off the ground and are looking for all the assistance that is available to us.

About Womxnist Liberation Co-op (unofficial name):

This multi-functional worker-owned co-op offers political, cultural, artisti...

CLASSES: Ballet for All Bodies which is an adult beginner class. No leotards or buns, just ballet basics for alternative music.

And Sass and Funk which is my new street jazz class that is taught to only Funk music! 

Both classes are prioritizing woc and taught on Thursda...

At November 3rd's Daylight Saving Time Epilogue event, LaTierra presented the Kiana Marcus & Time Poverty vignette featured on Rasheedah Phillips Black Womxn's Temporal portal website:

Pictures to come.

Daylight Saving Time Epilogue


"The stories of girls of color are often overlooked, unseen, and ignored rather than valued and heard. In Parable of the Brown Girl, minister and youth advocate Khristi Lauren Adams introduces readers to the resilience, struggle, and hope held within these stories. Ins...

October 5, 2019

Womanist Working Collective will be presenting at SistahSpeak Youth Project's E3 series! About Sistah Speak: "The SistahSpeak! Youth Project™ (SYP!) is a sexual & reproductive health, mentoring and community organizing program for Black girls, femmes and young Black wo...

October 4, 2019

Members of Reciprocity Time Bank (Womanist Working Collective) will be facilitating a 101 workshop for prospective members of the time bank in Germantown. We encourage Germantown community members to come and:

2) D...

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