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6th Annual Healers & Helpers Therapy Matchmaking Event

Held on Sunday November 12th, 2023

12pm-1:15pm EDT


The Healers and Helpers Therapy Matchmaking event was created to give community members the opportunity to connect with Black practitioners across the healing arts. Since the inaugural year, we have expanded the event to include mental health therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage and family counselors, birth workers, companions, and reproductive support advocates, life coaches, alternative/natural/holistic healers, sex therapists, mental health advocates, social workers, massage therapists and body workers, and many others.

During this panel and community conversation, we sat down with Featured Helpers from Philly across wellness disciplines to discuss their areas of practice and how they support Black healing and liberation through their work.



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View Our Panel from 2022

Meet the Helpers

Shana Williams, MHS

Shana Williams (she/her) is a graduate of Lincoln University with a Masters in Human Services. A queer Black therapist for over 15 years and current Director at Morris Home,  the country’s first transgender and non-binary specific residential substance recovery treatment program. Shana also runs a private practice, providing individual, couples and family therapy, specializing in anxiety, depression and racial trauma. Her clinical approach encompasses an intersectional awareness along with a social justice lens. She takes pride in creating visibility as a Queer, Black, Fat, Femme in the community.

 Image of a smiling Black woman with shoulder-length straight black hair. Her nose is pierced and she is wearing soft pink lipstick and a black and yellow snake print blouse.

Learn more about her at Destined To Thrive


Phone: (267)331-3219

Naila Francis

Naila Francis (she/her) is a grief coach and death midwife who mostly considers herself a holder of tender hearts. She helps people explore the wilderness of their loss and grief through a holistic lens that includes meditation, Reiki, journaling, embodiment practices and heart-centered listening. Naila is also a founding member of Salt Trails, a Philadelphia collective making grief public and visible through community rituals, and the co-host of Breathing Wind, a podcast about journeying introspectively through grief.

Image of a smiling Black woman with short-cropped black and silver hair. She is wearing a gray tunic blouse with yellow and white embroidery along the neckline.

Learn more about her at


Phone: 215-983-7859

Trinay Thomas, MSW, LCSW, LICSW

Trinay Thomas (she/her) is a licensed clinical social worker that has been providing therapy for more than 20 years. Her private practice firm--the Good Healing Firm, specializes in working with people experiencing anxiety, depression and trauma. Trinay's firm has also developed a specialty in working with individuals from the Caribbean, Asian and African Diasporas. Clients seeking supportive spaces that reflect this experience may be able to find it in the therapeutic work at the Good Healing Firm.

 Image of a smiling Black woman with short-cropped black hair. She is wearing hoop earrings and a salmon-colored blouse under a black leather jacket.

Learn more about her at


Jalina Evans

Beloved Reiki was founded by Certified Reiki Practitioner Jalina Evans (she/her) with the mission to assist clients in the healing of both physical and non-physical trauma on their personal and lifelong journey of growth and development.

 Image of a smiling Black woman with shoulder-length locs, her face upturned to the bright sun. She is barefoot, dressed in all-white, with a purple flower in her ear.

Learn more about her at


Phone: 267-574-2448

tahnee simone

tahnee simone (they/them) is a fat, queer Caribbean-bred devotional Witch, spiritual worker, Tarot reader, herbalist and astrologer born and rooted in Philadelphia. They have been offering heart and justice centered Tarot and astrology readings for almost a decade under their practice, SacredSkin Spiritual Arts, which also houses their line of small batch herbal preparations, skincare, and ritual support items.

Image of a smiling Black femme with short-cropped coily black hair, their face turned to the light of an open window. Their septum is pierced with a gold hoop and they are wearing wine-red lipstick and a spaghetti strap black blouse.

Even More Helper Resources

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