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Join our
Womanist Fellowship Club!

(Re-opening summer/fall 2022)

Currently we are collecting local memberships only for our summer/fall WWC Fellowship Club launch. This means you should only complete this form if you live in or near Philadelphia, PA, USA. This is where our collective is based and where membership events and requirements will be fulfilled.

If you do not meet this criteria, please follow our social media for announcements on when we open up regional, national and global membership. This scaling up will happen with our growing capacity so stay tuned. Social media links can be found on our website:

Our membership/Fellowship club is open to Black folks of marginalized gender experience, specifically women (trans* and cis), femmes, and other gender expansive folx. 

Allies/Accomplices should reach out directly via email to offer the resources and support they seek to provide, but should not fill out this membership form:

Once eligible members complete this form, you'll wait to hear from us via email when membership opens this summer. Please provide a valid email which you have access to regularly below.

Attend an upcoming Membership Orientation in Summer/Fall 2022

Download the app or login on your computer!

Mighty Networks has both desktop and mobile versions available.

Engage in community organizing and fellowship

We will reach out when its time to get active.

Check out our Womanist Community Talk feature!

Virtual events and community coordination now happens through our secure member's only website. To keep our content and people safe, we're holding regular virtual group orientation before admitting folx to membership.

Ready to join?

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