4th Annual Healers & Helpers Therapy Matchmaking Event
Hosted November 21st, 2021
Featured Helpers Panel Playback

Meet the Helpers

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Akiva S. Harris, MS, LPC

Beyond Limits Mental Health & Wellness, LLC 

WEBSITE www.beyondlimitsmhw.com

EMAIL aharris@beyondlimitsmhw.com

PHONE 267-625-9132

I am a clinically trained therapist who uses a holistic approach because it treats the whole person, and promotes individual growth and stability. I serve as a change agent that provides support and empathetic understanding allowing clients to gain new awareness of themselves which facilitate health and healing.


Rayna Smaller, LSW

BrownGirl SPACE

WEBSITE www.browngirlspace.com

EMAIL browngirlspace@gmail.com

Rayna Smaller is a licensed social worker and founder of BrownGirl SPACE. Rayna works primarily with children and families. Rayna created BrownGirl SPACE to encourage Black women to prioritize their own mental health, self care and well being.

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Shakera Holness

Healing Holness

WEBSITE www.HealingHolness.com

EMAIL divine9DoulaServices@gmail.com

Shakera is a birth and postpartum doula and reiki practitioner serving Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Shakera’s work centers care for black and brown, queer, and or neurodivergent parents and individuals. She is invested in providing support where evidence based care is just as important as intention and intuition.



Sankofa Healing Studio

WEBSITE https://sankofahealingstudio.org/ 

EMAIL ricquel@SankofaHealingStudio.org

PHONE 215-802-3533

Ricquel is a holistic person-centered Trauma Counselor with a specialization in Art Therapy at Sankofa Healing Studio. Her passion is rooted in uplifting the community, dismantling the negative views of mental health and spreading awareness about the benefits of art, somatic modalities, and psychotherapy in the Black community. Ricquel strongly believes that art and creative expression are powerful healing tools that can lower anxiety and stress while improving overall health. 


Katherine Evering-Rowe, LCSW

Ker Psychotherapy

WEBSITE https://www.kerpsychotherapy.com 

EMAIL ker.psychotherapy@gmail.com

PHONE 215.995.3171

Katherine Evering-Rowe, LCSW is a relational psychotherapist in Philadelphia, PA. She works with adults and specializes in supporting queer folks of color in their processes of healing from relational traumas and experiences of marginalization. Her therapeutic approach is informed by an unwavering commitment to anti-oppressive frameworks and her personal investment in Black feminism.



Sankofa Healing Studio

WEBSITE https://sankofahealingstudio.org/ 

EMAIL ashley@SankofaHealingStudio.org

PHONE 215-802-3533

ASHLEY CHILDS, BA, CLINICAL COUNSELING INTERN is a certified yoga instructor, and Reiki Practitioner at Sankofa Healing Studio. She is passionate about improving the holistic health of the Black community as it relates to healing from trauma using somatic and energy based modalities. Her approach integrates EMDR, Brainspotting, the healing properties of yoga, meditation, and a plant-based way of living. Her specialties including working with system impacted youth and adults who have experienced childhood trauma.


Shanice Allen

EMAIL earthmade4you@gmail.com

I am Shanice, a spiritual wellness educator. I help people release the feelings of being anxious, overworked and overwhelmed through the practices of Pause. 

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Mx. Lena Queen, LCSW, M.Ed

Sista Sexologist

WEBSITE https://sistasexologist.com/

EMAIL info@sistasexologist.com

Mx. Lena Queen (she/they/Queen), LCSW, M.Ed, a Black Queer womxn, hippie & SistaSexologist, with over 18 years of clinical experience, who is a full-time mental health &
sex therapy private practice owner, clinical somatic sexologist, certified hypnotherapist, plant medicine advocate, transformational life coach, and erotic coach. Queen is the creator, curator, and lead erotic coach for the transformational life coaching Program, Healing The Erotic Self. Build with Queen on all social media @SistaSexologist.


Jacqui Johnson, LPC, NCC, CCMHC, PMH-C

Sankofa Healing Studio

WEBSITE https://sankofahealingstudio.org

EMAIL jacqui@sankofahealingstudio.org

Jacqui is the Founder/Clinical Director of Sankofa Healing Studio and Social-Justice Art & Play Therapist who centers the mental health of the Black community impacted by carceral systems, racism, community violence, and childhood trauma. Jacqui creatively fuses art, play, storytelling, Hip Hop therapy, parts of self, EMDR, Brainspotting, Reiki, Kemetic Yoga, Sound and Energy Healing to decolonize care and create holistic healing spaces. Jacqui is a Consultant, Trainer, Adjunct Professor, and lectures widely.



Sankofa Healing Studio

WEBSITE https://sankofahealingstudio.org/ 

EMAIL selina@SankofaHealingStudio.org

PHONE 215-802-3533

Selina has a BS in Exercise and Movement. Selina centers somatic healing using EMDR, Brainspotting, Kemetic Yoga, Reiki, Sound and Energy Healing at Sankofa Healing Studio. Upon request, she also provides crystal consultations as part of a holistic wellness plan. Selina has a deeply rooted love for her community and the mental health and wellness of Black people. Her specialities include supporting people navigating racism, athletes at all levels, and adults healing from childhood trauma.


Reverend Iyalosa Estee Nena Dillard, MDiv

WEBSITE www.esteenenadillard.com

EMAIL endillard@gmail.com

IG/FB @esteenenadillard

Reverend Iyalosa Estee Nena Dillard is a SpiRitualist Scholar, Ancestral Storyteller and Queer Sexologist who creates spiritual roadmaps for African diasporan people to identify their needs and curates the spiritual practices needed to help obtain those needs. Estee's work as a womanist priest and pastor harnesses the power of embodiment, sexuality, ancestral spiritual care, grief and ritual for transformative healing. Estee is the founder/owner of ENDless Spiritual Consulting, LLC a business that curates sacred space through Christian and African traditional practices to connect individuals, families and businesses to the sinew of the generations within them and the endless capacity of their spirit.

Even More Helper Resources

Endeavoring Wellness

Endeavoring Wellness

Endeavoring Wellness is a Queer, Black woman-owned therapy practice and wellness resource that strives to provide compassionate and accessible support to individuals and organizations.

The Ladipo Group

The Ladipo Group

A Black-owned mental health service in Philly.

nana catherines

nana catherines

The Philly Herb Hub is a free community apothecary.

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