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We currently have 3 offerings related to our time banking work. We currently offer 2Ubuntu: Reciprocity Time Bank orientations each Saturday through September 3, 2022. Please use the calendly to sign-up for your orientation date.

The three available trainings are:
1) Time Banking 101 orientation for the general public: This is great if you are looking to start your own time bank, but need a general overview. Additional start-up orientations may be offered after completing Time Banking 101 if more support if requested. The suggested follow-up is the Offers and Needs Market training journey starting this fall for anyone in Philadelphia who can commit to the training journey and time bank platform launch afterwards. Contact directly.

2) 2Ubuntu: Reciprocity Time Bank*: This is ideal for Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC) in Philadelphia, PA looking to join the online platform and make exchanges.

*2Ubuntu: Reciprocity Time Bank is a free afrofuturist virtual community market where Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC) exchange services and support to other BIPOC in our networks. This concept more commonly referred to as a skillshare network allows us to: 

(1) connect to the tangible support and material resources in our area; (2) invest in Black self-determination, interdependence and community-rooted solutions to our everyday needs; (3) engage us in a sustainable and reciprocal method of giving and receiving; (4) prioritize “Centering the Margins” of the already marginalized (i.e. people living with disabilities, youth, elders, queer and trans folx, women, returning/re-entering citizens, etc.); and (5) improve our overall quality of life.

3) Offers and Needs Market** Facilitators training journey (Starting September 2022): This is ideal if you want to facilitate time bank exchanges in your neighbors or with an established group of people, but would like indepth training support. This is available for anyone in Philadelphia who can commit to the training journey and time bank platform launch afterwards.

This 5 week (10 hours total) training journey aims to develop skills around asset-based community facilitation, inclusive design, and impact evaluation. Through this community of practice, facilitators build their capacity for empathic leadership by considering the needs of diverse audiences. They use these approaches to infuse trust, generosity, and vulnerability into the culture of their organizations and communities. Contact directly.

**The Offers and Needs Market (OANM) is a 2-hour guided process where community members meet (virtually or in person) to identify and exchange their passions, knowledge, skills, resources, opportunities, and needs. From finding a place to live or a creative partner to offering graphic design services, public speaking techniques or even a special food recipe, anything's possible at an Offers and Needs Market!

Questions? Contact:

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